Mold Testing

Don't Worry About Mold - Get Help From the Pros

Don't Worry About Mold - Get Help From the Pros

Set up your mold testing service in Rockford or Harvard, IL

If you don't address mold quickly, you could have a serious health risk on your hands. Don't take the chance. Instead, contact Gardner Environmental Services for mold testing in Rockford or Harvard, IL.

Do you need more than standard mold testing offered by other companies? Ask our experts to perform a mold assessment. A MICRO-certified mold inspector will look for water intrusion and take moisture readings and air samples. After that, they'll send the tapes and swabs to a lab for a thorough mold assessment.

Set up your mold testing and assessment services today by calling 888-715-3800.

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See why you need ERMI testing

Finding out there's mold in your home is the first step to making your living space safe. The second step is setting up ERMI testing with Gardner Environmental Services. The Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) can tell you what level of mold contamination you're facing. This EPA-developed test will let you know how you need to address-and eliminate-your mold issue.

Contact our team today to set up ERMI testing services in Rockford or Harvard, IL.