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Air Quality Testing and Remediation

We provide air testing for mold and other microbes. We also offer testing for Lead, Our Air Quality testing for both commercial and residential properties is available with lab results


Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Services available


Thermal Imaging will Target Moisture
Thermal imaging systems have been used by the military to detect and identify enemy personnel, equipment, and buildings for years. Helicopters, fighter planes and even some missiles use thermal imaging for targeting. Law enforcement agencies also use this technology for everything from tracking criminals at night to spotting illegal crossings of international borders.

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry has made significant strides in the use of this outstanding technology as a way to provide accurate and reliable results during investigations. In fact, it has been determined that the proper use of this technology can increase accuracy and help cut investigation time significantly.

The thermal imaging infrared camera is now the standard by which true professional IAQ investigators measured.